The Canal Race has been held since 1998, the route follows the canal out towards Meadowhall with the turnaround point at HalfPenny Bridge, Tinsley, before heading back to Rotherham and the finish line. 


The 5 mile route was for the most part, until 2012, all firm trail and took in a circuit of Blackburn nature reserve but with tarmac being laid along pretty much all of the canal towpath from Rotherham to Meadowhall in early 2013, future races will have little need for trail shoes! 

Unfortuntely, due to building works on the canal in 2016, the course was reduced to just over 5k in length.  Hopefully it will return to it's full 5 mile distance on 2017.


As with the Kimmy Kanter, the Canal Race forms part of the 'KMR' series held in conjunction with Maltby Running Club and Rotherham Harriers.


Route details are as follows:




Previous results in spreadsheet form available below:

Canal Race Results

or for this years results only:

2016 pdf