Each year the club makes two awards to members:


'Terry Walker Achievement Trophy'




'Sports Person Of The Year'


Named in honour of our very our Terry Walker - the Terry Walker Acheievement Trophy is voted for by members of the committee and goes to the member they feel, has best progressed/performed or represented the club during the course of the year.  


The Sport Person of the Year is voted for by you, the members of the club.  The criteria is entirely up to you.  Which team mate do you feel is most deserving of the Sports Person of the Year?


Both awards are traditionally presented (and in the case of the Sports Person of the Year, voted for) at the club's Presentation night in May.


Past winners of these awards include:


Terry Walker Achievement Trophy

2005:  Gail Nixon

2006:  Steve Ford

2007:  Val Rivers

2008:  Women's Team

2009:  Claire Chapman

2010:  Claire & Craige Spencer

2011: Kevin Doyle 

2012: Sam James

2013:  Chris Cotton

2014:  Helen Woodburn

2015:  Rod Rivers

2016: Adelle Marsden & Janet Clark

2017: Earl Lever

2018: Amy Clements

2019: Adelle Marsden

2024: Jo Rooney


Sports Person of the Year

2005:  Martin Broadhead

2006:  Stan Bagshaw

2007:  ???

2008:  Ken Chapman

2009:  Theresa Elliott

2010:  Mary Chapman

2011:  Kevin Doyle

2012:  Sam James

2013:  Chris Cotton

2014:  Colin Earl

2015:  Colin Earl/Arron Larkin

2016: Adelle Marsden

2017: Caroline Saunders

2018: Rebecca Hunt

2019: Yvonne Mills

2024: Lauren Corcoran