park run


PARKRUN T.T. (Tourist Trophy)

This year’s competition is based on nine Parkruns over 52 Saturdays from April 2019 to March 2020 with the potential for additional runs on Boxing Day and New Years Day in December and January.



April - Clifton Park, Rotherham

May - Penistone 

June - Nostell Priory 

July/August - Frickley  *

Sept - Rother Valley 

Oct/Nov - Clumber 

Dec - Concord 

Jan/Feb 2020 - Pontefract *

Mar 2020 - Wakefield


* Bonus months, double points on offer!!



Utilise any Saturday in each Month for that month’s specified Park Run – based on ‘Age Graded’ (AG) result – Divisions to be confirmed 

Points awarded for best AG each month %

Distance wise – All 5k

An update will be given at the end of each month as to standings

Remember – “The Faster You Run The Higher The AGP”!!  J