The Barnsley Boundary Relay is organised by Penistone Footpath Runners Club and takes place annually, on a Saturday, in early June - for 2019 the date is 8th June.  It attracts a large field of entries from many local clubs and is a fun, social event to take part in. 

The route is multi-terrain following the boundary of Barnsley MBC, using the route of the Barnsley Boundary Walk.  It is a race for teams of 10 runners, with each running legs on roads, tracks and footpaths of between 4 and 11½ miles: 73 miles in total.  Each leg involves a mass start as the first runner of the previous leg finishes.

A summary of the legs with approx. start times are listed below, together with route details (and GPX files for those more technically minded):


Leg Start time (approx) Distance/climb Start (postcode/ GR) Route link GPX file
1: Cannon Hall to Bretton Park 08:00 5M/460′ S75 4AT/ SE 27215 07928 Route GPX
2: Bretton Park to Brierley 08:30 10.9M/750′ S75 4BX/ SE 29458 12497 Route GPX
3: Brierley to Thurnscoe 09:40 7.2M/410′ S72 9JY/ SE 40478 11125 Route GPX
4: Thurnscoe to Brampton 10:20 6.4M/210′ S63 0BH/ SE 46517 05417 Route GPX
5: Brampton to Tankersley 11:00 5.2M/450′ S73 0SS/ SE 41064 02149 Route GPX
6: Tankersley to Wortley Station 11:30 11.3M/1260′ S74 0DU/ SK 34953 99538 Route GPX
7: Wortley Station to Langsett Barn 12:45 6.3M/820′ S35 7DL/ SK 29820 99258 Route GPX
8: Langsett Barn to Winscar Reservoir 13:40 5.7M/740′ S36 4GY/ SE 21088 00453 Route GPX
9: Winscar Reservoir to Upper Denby 14:20 10.5M/1000′ S36 4TE/ SE 15294 02044 Route GPX
10: Upper Denby to Cannon Hall 15:30 4.1M/150′ HD8 8UE/ SE 22849 07288 Route GP

A link to the event page on the Penistone Footpath Runners site is available here.

As a club we try to enter as many teams into the event as possible each year with teams falling into the following categories: Mens, Womens, Mixed and V40, V50 and V60.  The club covers the cost of entry so you just need to make yourself available for race day and ensure you recce your leg in the weeks leading upto the event so you know where you are going!

If you are interested in taking part then please contact our team captains.

These really are for everyone of all abilities and real team spirit events.